The Middlesex Borough Heritage Committee is committed to chronicling the history and culture of Middlesex, New Jersey. Through the two books which have been published by the Committee, Images of America and People of Middlesex Borough, the Heritage Committee has outlined the history of the town, focusing on values, family, and patriotism in its residents. One of the main goals of the committee is to educate the residents of Middlesex about its own history and the reasons for the town's establishment and what Middlesex as a town is about and why it is a nice place to live.

The Heritage committee has produced the following materials related to Middlesex Borough:

People of Middlesex Borough, 1950 - 2008: A book rich with pictures dedicated to profiling various people in the town.

Images of America: Middlesex Borough: Dating back to the early 1900's, this book contains many fascinating historical photos of the town's foundation and subsequent history.

Heritage Quilt: A symbolic quilt which represents several elements and aspects of local Middlesex culture. The quilt is currently hanging in Middlesex's free public library.