Additions to the November 2023 Legacy Lawn collection is now closed.

Now accepting applications for signs for the Legacy Lawn collection to be displayed in MAY 2024!

Legacy Lawn 2023 Pictures!

The Library is proud to announce partnership with the American Legion, to create a living tribute called The Legacy Lawn to honor Middlesex residents who have served in the military, or are in active duty currently.

From November 11 to December 11, lawn signs with each veteran’s name, picture (if desired), branch, rank of service, and any awarded medals or accomplishments, will be displayed on the lawn. Signs will start display on veterans day and will also coincide with Pearl Harbor Day, and the American Legion’s annual Post Everlasting remembrance ceremony. Signs will be stored in the Library and then placed out on Memorial Day weekend for the parade route.

This will be a project that the Library will maintain and manage year after year, and will allow for additional applicants to submit to be part of the Legacy Lawn. Since these signs will be accessible and at eye level, we encourage all to stop, pull over and spend some time reflecting and honoring. 

The Library can maintain accurate records of participants in the program and protect the privacy and integrity of the shared information. Library staff specialize in keeping information organized and consistent. The Library will own the original design files and copyright, and can ensure all of the signs, design wise, remain consistent,

The Library is a long standing institution that will fund this project, with appropriate staffing to maintain, install and look after the signs.

Borough residents have long expressed an interest in honoring their veterans similar to other towns. By adapting the program to work with our level of staffing and budget, as well as tailoring it to the uniqueness of our community, we can start and maintain a valuable tradition, honor the legacy of our brave residents, and bring our town together.