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Reading Tips

By: Meridith Bazilus

    Reading assignments for the summer and school year can be daunting for many students and parents. These are some strategies you can apply to read and succeed no matter what time of year it is!

    1. Get your books early. Most schools send their required reading lists to local libraries and book stores, but copies are limited. Borrow or buy your books as soon as you get the list, so you are not scrambling at the last minute to get your reading done. Call ahead or check the website to make sure the book is on the shelf. If not, ask someone at the book store or library to order it for you.

    2. Keep your books at hand. Be sure you bring your books to and from home and school. Check your homework assignments and backpack each day. Don't be overwhelmed by the length of a book. You’ll be surprised how much reading you can squeeze in each day if you break up the assignment into small chunks. Reading is a great way to pass the time during down time or in between errands. You’ll be finished in no time!

    3. Be an Active Reader. It’s important to take notes as you read. Keep lists of main characters, track important events, ask questions and make predictions. If you own the book, you can highlight important quotes, take notes in the margins or use Post-It-Notes. If you borrowed the book, jot down important information in a notebook or keep a running Word document.

    4. Review. Just because you read a book from beginning to end doesn't mean you are guaranteed to remember all of the details. Go over your notes before any tests or quizzes. Use your active reading notes to help you study and succeed!

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