Watch the Superbowl and WIN BOOKS!

The Library is hosting a *free* Superbowl Box Pool – to enter, all you have to do is check something out between Feb. 1 and Feb. 10!

Ever participate in a box pool? This is basically the same thing, except there’s no purchase to participate, and the prizes are books!

Our box pool consists of 100 boxes – 10 unnumbered vertical columns and 10 unnumbered horizontal rows. Every time a patron checks out materials, s/he will have the option to go initial a blank box in the grid by the Reference Desk, until either the grid is completely full or by noon on February 10, whichever comes first.  You can enter MULTIPLE times from Feb. 1 to Feb. 10, but ONLY ONCE PER DAY. Each checkout transaction counts for one box. 

The grid will be completely UNNUMBERED when you sign up for your box – we will number the grid at noon on Feb. 10 by randomly choosing numbers from a hat. 

At noon on February 1, numbers from 0-9 will be pulled randomly for the AFC team, which will be on the left hand side of the grid (rows),  and the NFC team along the top of the grid (columns). We will then email out a copy of the pool to each participant and let them know their numbers.  Participant names will be kept private.

On Superbowl Sunday – the last numbers in the scores at the end of the first three quarters, and then the final score, are matched up. That equals FOUR chances to win – First quarter, Second quarter, Third quarter, and Final score. You can win multiple times!

Example – your box is at the intersection of row 4 and column 7. It’s the end of the first quarter, and the score is NY Giants, 17, New England Patriots 14 *. You win the first quarter! Your AFC number (rows) is 4, and your NFC number (columns) is 7. 

Winners will each receive a Middlesex Library tote bag with 3 to 4 brand new books, all chosen from a list of our staff and Board “Must Reads of 2022/20231″

*Director’s note: yes, I am aware that this wasn’t the first quarter score in 2008, but I am manipulating  my fond memories to illustrate a point 🙂 

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