So many books, so little time.

If you are a reader and you love books, you might be wondering how you can find more time to read!

We have several patrons who ask us this question often and we have asked other patrons and staff for tips and tricks on finding more time to read!

Below is a list of suggestions on finding more time to read.


Finding More Time To Read

1.  Bring a book or kindle with you when you run errands.  Or read on your phone when you are waiting on line or waiting in a doctor’s office or waiting at your kids’ school or sporting events or dance practice.

2.  Banish the idea that you can only read when you have a huge chunk of time.  Read in short bursts.  Instead of scrolling your phone, read.

3. Set aside time to read before bed every night.

4.  Take a self care bath with a book!

5. Set a page goal each day.

6.  Borrow more books from the library than you can read – having physical books in your house that you know you need to return may make you more inclined to read more.

7. Read more than one book at a time – some books are good for reading at night and some are better for quick reading sessions throughout the day.  Some people read one physical book, one kindle or ebook and one audiobook.

8.  Start listening to audiobooks when you clean, cook, drive, fold laundry.

9.  STOP reading stressful news articles and read books that you enjoy instead.

10.  Ignore the idea of what you “should” be reading and read what you want to read and what you enjoy.  For years, one of our staff members thought she should be making her way through the classics and as a result, she never read because she didn’t enjoy them.  When she started reading thrillers, she couldn’t put them down and reads 2 books a week!

11.  Track your progress online.  We like websites like Goodreads and Storygraph.

12.  Join a book club or start one with some friends!

13.  Create a TBR – To Be Read – list or pile of books  you want to read that month or that season.

14. Block out time on your calendar for reading.  Put it in your planner.  Put your reading goals in your planner: Read 40 pages today.

15.  Join a book club or a reading challenge.  This summer, Middlesex Public Library will run an Adult Summer Reading Challenge, starting on July 1, fill out a form at the reference desk for each book you read.  Every two weeks (July 15 & 29 and August 12 & 26) we will pull one form and give away a gift card!  


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