The Middlesex Public Library is dedicated to providing a safe and inclusionary space for lifelong learning for everyone, regardless of color, race, gender, orientation, or religion. We strive to represent and celebrate the diverse tapestry of our community in all that we do to uphold the pursuit of education in the betterment of the individual and of society. 

There is a wide, complicated, and tragic history of systemic racism, bigotry, and oppression that has led to the fever pitch of trauma that our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community is experiencing. Implicit biases not only permeate, but have consistently shaped, our societal systems. As an institute of lifelong learning it is important to recognize and bring visibility to these painful histories in order to facilitate healing, growth, and education for a future devoid of systemic oppression and racism.

The widespread racial inequality and discrimination in our society cannot, and will not, be reversed overnight. Neutrality and silence in the face of any racist ideals that threaten our patrons, neighbors, colleagues, families, and friends is complacency. Therefore, the Middlesex Public Library will begin to take the following steps immediately towards addressing privilege and creating lasting changes.

We commit to extending our efforts tenfold in expanding our collection of digital and print materials to not only include, but amplify the experiences, struggles, and contributions of BIPOC and oppressed communities.

We commit to continuing education for staff to help be better allies to our BIPOC and oppressed community, starting with recognizing and addressing the macro and micro implicit biases and privileges we all hold internally, with accountability and dedication in changing these thought patterns and behaviors. 

We commit to sharing digital and print anti racism, anti bias materials for all ages and levels through all of our social media and in person channels, in providing resources in empowering all of our community to take positive strides towards equality. 

We commit to reevaluating our Library procedures, policies, and systems to ensure no shred of underlying and pervasive implicit bias and racist threads exist. 

We are at a crucial time in our history to transform the tides that have led to this point. As an institution dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, education, and support for all, we promise to take the crucial steps to be a part of this lasting change. We vow to amplify and shape a society where every life is approached and celebrated with equality, respect, and dignity.  The Middlesex Public Library will stand strong in the face of systemic oppression and racism, and against any threat to devalue the lives of our BIPOC and oppressed communities. 

Thank you,

Chrissy George, Director


  1. Thank you for posting this and committing to the continued work of anti-racism.

  2. Thank you for this statement. Real change requires everyone to help dismantle racism in our society. I’m so glad to see the library being a leader in anti-racist action.

  3. Such a thoughtful statement on working to ensure the library is welcome to the entire community! Thank you.

  4. Thank you. I do appreciate this statement.

    I would offer as a recommendation to please include BIPOC in your efforts to “address macro and micro implicit biases and privileges; facilitate healing, growth, and education for a future devoid of systemic oppression and racism”.

    Too often we feel like we’re not apart of the discussion and/or process, but made to be OK with whatever solutions result from the process.

    So, again..I thank you for the statement and look forward to working with you and the borough to put an end to racism and unite our community.

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